The Moon Light in St Maarten

moonAt about seven at night when the boats begin to retreat by the sea, rumba starts in St. Maarten. While shopping area sleeps, the hotel part begins his wake. It is the time when tourists change shorts for cocktail dresses. The most daring, those who like to try their luck in the casinos, they go to the Dutch side. The ideal place to find gambling place full of multicolored lights.

Precisely in Philipsburg, the capital of the Dutch side, all kinds of entertainment abound. Most hotels on the island offer different shows at least once a week, which combines cooking, music, and various distractions. On these occasions, always have special prices.

For those who love the jokes, there are exclusive sites where all sorts of comical events are offered. So much so that the person exercising the profession and go around the island cannot stay in these places without making even a small part of his show.

After the entertainment is nothing better than a walk, hopefully around dawn, the streets of Philipsburg, the mini Europa in the Caribbean, which has a lot of Amsterdam, mainly two of its main streets such as Frontstreet and Backstreet.

With a cheerful lighting along these streets can be seen nicely decorated shops and a large contrast between modern hotels and old buildings that have been restored.

If you go a little further and find some history, you had better take Car Rental St Maarten and go to a hill that is in the path of the Little Bay. An ideal place for lovers and friends of romance. There are the ruins of Fort Amsterdam with nearly 300 years of history.

From the top of this small mountain is visible to perfection the commercial center of the city where you can see with perfect lighting, some fish and even cruise ships are anchored in this part, to follow its course the next day boats.

Another style Bohemian and hopeless romantics if they want to go for a walk, you can find fun on the French side. There, the rumba is concentrated in bars and nightclubs, where musicals night hoard, especially those who have much Antillean flavor.

The calypso is the thermometer of all generations. The typical island dragging the bodies forcing the movement rhythm. A music that was born in Trinidad and Tobago and harmlessly to stay in.

St. Maarten although it has become a wake-up call to politicians and governments of the Caribbean countries. It is without doubt, the language spoken in exotic nights St. Maarten.

The real nightlife of the island lived in restaurants. In terms of cuisine, the island is considered as one of the places where the most sophisticated Caribbean dishes are offered. Not surprisingly, there are about 150 restaurants.

For the more informal evenings allow horseback riding close to the beach, while far away music listening glad campfires.

To end the day, on those nights that fatigue overcomes the body or the romance takes over feelings, nothing beats a ride on a yacht around the island.

The hotels and various tourist agencies has exclusive plans where nocturnal excursions on the sea waters are offered, while soft music, the finest liquors and exquisite seafood will provide a framework to walk through the friendly island.